About WebCore

Why us ?

We try to make your presence felt by the world. We work round the clock to make things happen.

To planning your world online, managing your real-world problems, creating noticeable content, whether you are looking to develop your first website, or need assistance in maintaining it, we can help. We believe almost anything, and everything is possible. Believing this we create.

Positively position your brand to the right people. Watch as your company expands its reach and find new customers.

Our team has a unique taste of style. Our skills complement each other’s.


Class and sensible site designs are always a must. Our thought process and technical know-how can keep at the top of the game. As this is our bread and butter, we breathe and live this every day. We won’t let you down.

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E-Commerce also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

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A website is no better than the visiting card you give out without SEO. If Google is not indexing your site properly, the domain might not even appear in search results. The right setup can go a long way.

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What is happening? Why is it not happening? How can I make it happen? We can tell you the situation. From tests to design to usability. Let us share with you our findings and understanding of the situation.

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Some of our Works


Baly Portfolio, GG E-Commerce, CJ Restaurant Page Marketing, PSL Consultation

  • Baly Group of Industries

    ” They have gone much beyond their responsibilities to get the work done “

    Md. Moniruzzaman, Baly Group MD
  • Guitars n’ Gears

    ” They have been there all the time and for any necessity or emergency that arised  “

    Schuman Zaman, CEO
  • Straits Vision, Singapore

    ” All our IT and technical needs are arranged and handled by the WebCore Team with seamless effort “

    Adnan Ansari, Proprieter

Team Member

  • Intekhab

    Software Engineer

  • Sazid Ahmed

    IT Expert

  • Agoto

    Project Manager

  • Ishraq